This is important: PLAY ME and read the following with this music in the backdrop

There’s a fly in my head. It’s buzzing.

Where are you going?

Why are you here?

Hello? Are you even in there?

The world is flashing past me. Blurred edges across glass panes.

Sunlight filters through. Closed eyes, sighs. Warmth.

Can you feel it?

The golden hair standing up on your arms,

The tingling coursing through your veins.

The rainbows of twilight.

This mad rush.

Who are we?

Ever wonder at the stars?

Existence. It’s just here. Always been.

But why?

The rains are falling. Dig deeper.

Grey tones and that yellow umbrella.

There is always one. One yellow in a sea of greys.

Who is it?

It’s maddening. Let it peak.

Let this confusion engulf you. Feel this spiral. Rise with it

Sharp cuts, burns and pains.

And then fall.

Winter is here.

White plains, frosted windows. Pale breath.

Feel it. The ice melting upon your fingers.

The magic in the air. Christmas bells.

Who made this?

Ever wonder?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Ask. Answer. Ask again. Keep asking.

Keep looking. There’s always more.

Keep climbing. Up and down.

Reach the roots, reach the sky

Lead or get left behind.

There is no in between.


One thought on “Yūgen

  1. You have written actual feeling of your mind going through these days. Keep on writing it will improve your mind status.

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