Play me and then read

Life always has two routes to offer – the longer, harder one and the shorter supposedly easy one. The longer route lies amongst the plains, on stable ground. It meanders into the undergrowth, but there’s always a trail, left behind by the thousands that tread upon that ground before you. You may choose to take detours and every now and then, it’ll help you shorten the distance too. But once in a while, you’ll stumble and fall on your face. These however, are minor falls and you’ll survive. As long as you have the courage to get up. This is the route which, they say is righteous, the toughest and most exacting one and hence the only one worth traversing.

The shorter route on the other hand is supposed to be the easier one. Life is more relaxed, more calm. You always have time to spend upon yourself. However, it has its own perils for it lies upon uncharted territory. There aren’t many trails and it isn’t even certain whether it’ll take you where you want to go. It takes you through mountains and cliffs. And it asks you to take leaps. And while it takes so many safe landings to establish your trust in the path, one fall is enough to break all your bones. The world looks at this route with scepticism. They say its shorter only in distance and urge you to choose the longer one. But, the more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that it’s just a case of sour grapes. This route isn’t for everybody. That’s true. But that doesn’t imply that it isn’t for anybody. It’s easy and short, but only if you discover it first.

Besides, where’s your sense of adventure? Would you rather be flying over hilltops or walking in safety under a canopy that hides the sun in the sky? Yes, the fall hurts. It hurts so bad that sometimes it’s near impossible to get up. But nothing compares to that feeling you get, when you jump off a cliff and land safely on the next.

Turn a screw the wrong way round and you’ll have to work hard to get it in. Turn the same screw the right way and it slides smoothly, effortlessly. Would you then say that the latter is the wrong path to take?

Choose the route that fits you well. On the right path, work is always easy and effortless even though it seems to be difficult to others. So the shortest route isn’t always bad. That’s just something people who missed the sign tell themselves to feel better.


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