The storm clouds had been gathering in the horizon – dark grey rumblings, swirling in the sky. Lightning cracked like a whip, accompanied by a sudden flash of white. An electrical breeze blew away the stray leaves, raising dust storms on the empty streets.

The same wind, caresses my face, blows through my hair and roars in my ears, building up a bubble of anticipation deep in my heart, preparing me for the storm ahead.

Nature sometimes reflects your mood better than anything else. I can sense all my confusion in the shape-shifting clouds, drifting across the vast expanse of the sky – obscuring all traces of the calm blue, leaving behind a raging maelstrom of violet and grey and electric white.

I feel the swirling wind gather up all my emotions till I sense a tornado surge within me, battling for release. And as the first drops of water touch the ground, I feel myself let go and it all comes surging out. Suddenly, I’m standing in the eye of the storm, a cocoon of evanescent calm surrounding me, as the clouds burst and sheets and sheets of water beat down upon the world.

A strange music plays in the background. The symphony, rising and falling with my heartbeat. Or maybe it’s the other way round. My breath quickens, as the cold seeps through my skin and chills my bones. The water trickles down my body, washing away all the dirt – physical and mental. I feel cleansed from within as it becomes difficult to breathe. But I still keep letting go, letting the storm wring out all the negativity.

I raise my face, to peek at the world above and I’m mesmerized. The deep space, pulls me in and I don’t know if I’m rising above, getting sucked into that vortex or falling down the bottomless pit inside my mind.

My drenched hair clings to my face, weighing me down. Its weight reminds me to stay anchored as I feel my body rise up with the wind. But my mind, in the face of the escape it was hunting for, is lured into forgetting the world. I am numb. I don’t exist anymore. I’m just a floating spectre, in an infinite world, suspended in limbo.

And suddenly as the notes rise in a crescendo, I feel my soul rush forward and jump off another cliff. Only this time I begin to soar. I feel the smile spread all over my face, the water falling faster than ever.

But as the water runs out, my leap of freedom leaves me trapped in the chains of mortality, for as I die in my dream, I awaken in reality.


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