Nighttime reveries

Black velvet sky. Stars like diamonds in a coal mine. Silhouettes of swaying trees in the far horizon. Misty clouds like wisps of smoke, flitting carelessly by and silver moonlight falling softly, like a sheen covering all things. There’s a tangible tranquillity in the air. As if breathing in this solitude, you can transport yourself to heaven.

The breeze, playing with your hair, felt like caressing fingers upon your cheek. The soothing emptiness lifting your soul and carrying it beyond the confines of the concrete you are sitting on. Deep breaths as you try to drink it all in and inquisitive eyes keep searching the vast expanse for answers to questions unheard.

You don’t need words. You don’t have words. Just content sighs. Maybe a smile. And peace – soul-warming, heart wrenching, completely absorbing peace.

A  bat flies by. Flapping its monstrous wings. A black speck, wondrously visible against the almost black sky. It leaves behind a trail for you to follow.  And you fold within yourself, yearning for the wings you cut off a long time ago. But in these mellifluous surroundings, you almost believe you could grow them back…

Another sigh. There’s only one thing missing. The warmth of your body beside mine. The smooth velvet of your skin on mine. The strength of your arms holding me close. Your breath like whispered melodies. Your being, the light to my soul’s fire.

As the empty air runs through my fingers, I tell myself, I can get a blanket. I can get all the warmth and softness I need. But even as I huddle within my patch of wool, I can’t help but wonder, are you too watching the sky, this very moment, wondering, whether or not I’m thinking about you?


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