Who are we?

The Gods are the highest form of judgement and blasphemy, the worst of all one’s misdeeds. But why are the Gods always right? Is it because they are genuinely correct or is it simply because they’d be the victors in every war they wage? Are we, Gods’ devout followers, traversing the correct path or are we simply the defeated carrying out our terms of sentence?

They say good always triumphs in the end. But does it?
Is it the truth that enjoys victory or the victor that becomes the truth? Is there truly any demarcation between Good and Bad? Or are they the different names given to the principles of winner and loser?

Open your eyes and look closely. Everything around you will blend together. These colours that seem so different are all part of the same white. There are no lines segregating them except the ones you choose to create. Shift it out of focus and you’ll see – there’s nothing around you. You live in a sea of opinions. Your opinions create your world, your stories. Your beliefs draw the lines. You can’t walk through the wall before you, because you believe it’s solid. So you walk around it. Believe however, that the wall is hollow and you’ll be able to walk straight through it.

You’ve let the opinions of those around you win. So they’re the co-creators of your world. Listen to your heart beat and wage another war. Don’t listen to what they say. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong. No Good and no Bad.

Become your own champion and you’ll see. There are no gods. Just powerful beings, you were made slave to.

What’s the point of insecurities? guilt? sympathy? fear? Do they make you a good person? Or are they weapons fired to make you lose? Become hedonistic. Do what you truly want. Win this war.


2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  1. TheBard says:

    If you disagree with me, please leave a comment. I’d like to hear your views.

  2. Hi TheBard. There are so many theories out there today. I would like to think we are masters of our own destiny. But it is more likely we are being manipulated and controlled by an elite agenda! Thank you for liking my poem “Nothing Is Personal!” Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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