The Loop

Nature has symmetricity. It has so many shapes – circle, square, triangle. You can use them to create all the other shapes that appear around you. They seem distinct. But are they?
They are made of different types of curves and lines. They have different numbers of edges and corners. But they are all closed loops with no beginning and no end.
All of nature is a closed loop of illusion. And we are trapped within that loop. We trace out its design and placate ourselves. Tell ourselves we know its shape, we can replicate its image. But we are just making a loop within a loop. We don’t know where it begins and we don’t know where it’ll end.
We build theories. Fit the world we see around us in models. But like the shapes we draw, we choose a starting point and trace the lines till we arrive at it. There can be infinite starting points, so infinite models. How do we know ours is correct? Aren’t we limiting ourselves by this loop we draw around us?
Maybe the answer is to draw a bigger loop. Expand. But to what extent? Maybe the answer is not to overthink. Not ask too many questions. But a rational being must always ask questions, mustn’t they?
Where do you begin the questions and where do you end them? It’s always a closed loop. The why gives rise to a how. And the how gives rise to the what and then the where, which, whose bringing us back to why.
Why then, do we ask these questions? That my friend, is the only real question. Or is it?


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