According to the chaos theory even the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in the Amazon has a momentous effect on the weather in say, Asia. The popular statement – cosmos out of chaos – is hence, truer than one would guess. Even vacuum isn’t as empty as most of us believe. In fact, it comprises of innumerable minute particles, each of which get created and destroyed in nanoseconds. Thus, giving rise to the illusion of emptiness.

Feynmann’s theory of alternate histories suggests that at every moment there are several parallel worlds existing on this plane and others. Every possible outcome of every possible action is realized. We just don’t realize that we are experiencing them all.

Religion defines the world in one manner, science in another. And in our hearts we know that both these definitions are just theories, neither better than the other. What then is the truth about the universe? Isn’t every live soul, then, as lost as the bum walking listlessly on the road?

There is a quality about being lost though – its beautiful. It helps you discover yourself in different ways. It helps you stumble upon your own Narnia. It feels complete and exhilarating.

Where’s the fun in knowing everything? Where’s the adventure in being able to predict the next decade or even century of your life.

Christopher Columbus didn’t set sail to discover America. He didn’t even know that America existed. He just got lost.

I therefore, heartily pity anyone who pities me for being or appearing lost. Whether its lost in the real world, lost in life, lost in my thoughts, lost in the beauty of nature, lost in the hidden harmony of honking horns – I adore being lost. And even though at times it becomes crippling, I realize that I wouldn’t choose any other way to fulfil my life’s purpose.

So I choose to be Christopher Columbus rather than the captain of an ordinary cruise ship travelling from one port to another with a map and a pre-planned route. I choose to experience the waves and let the storms rather than a compass guide me. I choose to be lost.


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