The sky is grey, the ground too.
There is grey snow upon the wall
And more gray in the view.
Why does this picture sound so dreary
Dull, bleak, sad – simply grey
Enough to make the heart weary?

White has them all, and black none.
And Grey has them both
So nobody knows which one.
For White is peace. Black deep.
But grey is sad,
For no reason, indeed.
Granted its not pretty nor bright.
But thats because its true
Silent, heavy and not light.

Paint the world in shades of Gray
To see its true face,
Listen to what it has to say.
Nothing is ever here or there,
Nothing exactly right or wrong,
Nothing is spread everywhere.

One Side is black, the other white
But together they’re always grey,
A hundred meanings in sight.
So the sky is grey, the ground too
The world is grey
Including the soul in you.


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