Fettered till Death

Every time you do something for yourself,
You feel the gravity of all your mistakes.
And every mistake, reminds you of your ability to fail.
Fail at being a good person. Fail at life as you wanted to live it.
And this reminder serves as a rejoinder
To prevent you from risking any more chances.
And so you let opportunities pass you by,
Like the fleeting cool breeze in the summer,
That caresses your cheek for a few moments,
And beckons you to follow its lead.
But alas, responsibilities and human fetters
Prevent you from responding to its call.
And so, you continue to sweat and toil
And wait with patience for a second chance,
That isn’t arriving anytime soon.
And in that moment of extreme heat,
You feel your tormented heart forsake patience and weep.
And wonder whether you now regret
Letting your brain guide you to your death.


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