There’s a hidden world out there, waiting for all those who believe.
Its magic is inexplicable, its charm undefinable. There’s an unusual beauty in its purity, in its clean innocence. It seems to stem from that well known, yet unemployed, power of belief. Look to your heart for directions and it will lead you to the right path. It may seem long and onerous, but you have to keep believing. Only you can discover your own magic. Even if someone else holds the lantern, only you can see it. And it is only once you’ve discovered it yourself, that it agrees to show its face to others. So let the fire within you burn as bright as it would like. Let it outshine all the doubts that were ever there. let it make you believe more and more till you need do it no more. Wield it as your shield, not your weapon. For love heals, but Hatred threatens.


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